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Organic Skin user

This product works! I am a bit reluctant to try this at first when I was in Watsons because that time I was planning to try out a different cream but thank goodness I found this."

Organic Skin user

"On my 3rd day, my skin was still a little sad, but come 7th day, after the gentle exfoliation, reinforced with cream and serum hydration and protection, my skin began to celebrate!"

Organic Skin user

"I've seen results after five days of use, it can easily whiten acne scars and also brighten the face. I also noticed that my face is smooth... so far, the products are very good, very gentle and effective!"

Organic Skin user

"I had acne during pregnancy, so I started using Organic Skin products. It did not cause any harm to me and my baby and made my skin look clear and smooth as well as lighten my acne. I will continue using this to maintain my glow"


The perfect companion for your body: Organic Skin Japan Body Lotion

Perfect skin, who doesn't want it? Finding the best product for your skin care needs is certainly the greatest feeling I've ever had. From your detergent to the last step of your skin care routine. However, routines should not be limited to the face alone. Our bodies also need special attention! Do you agree?

Never miss your moisturizer 

After cleaning your face with soap and toner, be sure to seal everything with a moisturizer. Moisturizers make the skin smoother, softer and healthier. It can be water-based, gel or cream type

Faith Toner: What is it really doing? 

Keep it clean. tone. Moist. One of the most basic skin care routines people follow. However, some people are confused about how important the use of toner is. Do you really need it?

Organic Skin Japan

Nature's answer to skincare #CelebrateSKIN

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